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Straight Line Emitted Berlinlasers Green Line Laser Alignment

Bahrain       November 8, 2018
How do you like to do to get extremely clear and fine line projection in distance? Until the time users are using a highly bright Berlinlasers green line laser alignment, which is able to work with highly straight green reference line targeting from laser beam aperture. This green laser module is generating quite bright and visible green laser beam from 532nm green DPSS laser system, available with excellent optic lens and thermal emitting design, it will take quite low time and manual labor force input to achieve highly clear and accurate line projection in distance effectively.
On basis of selectable glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, green line laser alignment is keeping generation of high linear quality green reference line from laser beam aperture. It is getting the best quality green reference line, without any appearance of laser light decay or blur in continuous line aligning work. This green laser module is not adjustable focus, after quite easy screw of laser beam aperture, it will easily getting highly clear line projection for various work fields, including laser cutting, sand milling, wooden board processing etc.

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