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What is Asp.Net Core?

       May 21, 2022
What is Asp.Net Core?
ASP.NET Core is a powerful, complete Open Source (Free) and Cross Platform framework for building web applications developed by Microsoft that can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. ASP.NET Core includes the MVC framework, which now integrates MVC and Web API features into the web development framework.

.NET Core History
Asp. Net Core is a new product from Microsoft. Basics of ASP.NET Core to .NET Core. And is actually a better and more complete version of .NET Core (NET.) And Microsoft with the introduction of ASP.NET Core. Is independent of the operating system and operates without a Windows programming interface.

Windows operating system has always been one of the best and most popular operating systems, but web applications need this to be able to function better and can be hosted in the cloud. That's why Microsoft announced that ASP.NET Core applications will be hosted on a wide variety of environments, and you can also create web projects for Linux or macOS.

ASP.NET Core is simpler than the first MVC and has nothing to do with Web Form projects because it is based on .NET Core. It is built to support the creation of web projects on many different operating systems and can be hosted in different environments.

ASP.NET Core provides all the features of ASP.NET MVC based on the new platform, and in addition to all the functionality of the web interface, it offers more natural ways to create complex content and enables many key development tasks. , As simple as unit tests.

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