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Factors affecting the cost of dental implants

       December 22, 2021
Factors affecting the cost of dental implants

Tooth implants
Another thing that has a great impact on the cost of dental implants is the material of the dental implant. Implants can usually be classified into three categories: high quality, suitable quality and low quality. Before implant placement, you need to have accurate information about all the qualities of the implant so that in addition to knowing the final cost, you have complete knowledge of other things such as durability and brand of implant.

At our implant center, the doctor consults with you about this, and also uses the best dental materials in the world and the best brands available in the market, and providing quality services and materials has always been the most important goal of this clinic.

The number of implanted teeth
Everyone knows that the more work done on the number of teeth, the higher the cost of the implant. So you need to determine before the operation how many teeth you need implants, but in this case you can consult with your doctor to guide you.

Visit the dentist's office
It may not seem like a lot to many people to name, but it is important to know that if you want to calculate the cost of a dental implant accurately, each of the items involved in the procedure must be added to the final cost. Therefore, it is necessary to list the cost of visiting the doctor correctly and accurately.

At the expense of X-ray photography
You may need to see your doctor several times during the treatment to get an X-ray of your implanted tooth. Therefore, it is necessary to add this cost to the final cost of implant placement.

To the specialty and skill of the dentist
It is clear that the higher the doctor's expertise, the higher the cost of implant placement. Therefore, it is necessary to reach a general conclusion whether you can afford the subspecialty doctor or not? Dr. Shahram Jalilzadeh in Rasht suggests that you must perform the process of dental implant implantation by a specialist and experienced doctor, because this doctor has gained a special ability and expertise in this type of surgery by performing various operations and can easily Identify predetermined in the operation process and fix them well.

To the equipment used
The equipment used can have a big impact on the cost of the implant. Dr. Shahram Jalilzadeh's dental office in Rasht, with its modern and up-to-date equipment, has provided remarkable services to our dear clients during these years. Dr. Shahram Jalilzadeh's office All consumables are sterilized according to international standards and by advanced devices.

To the ancillary works before the implant
Depending on the type of tooth and the dentist's diagnosis, pre-dental implants may be performed at a higher cost. D8% AA-% D8% AF% D8% B1-% D8% B1% D8% B4% D8% AA /

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