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What is gum surgery?

       November 17, 2021
What is gum surgery? Gingival or periodontal surgery Parts of the gums that are problematic are removed or repaired during gingival surgery to allow other parts of the gums to grow properly, and in some cases new tissue transplants may be needed at the site of the injury. In gingival surgery, saving the teeth is the surgeon's main goal, but balancing the effectiveness of the treatment and its cost can help determine the appropriate state to solve the patient's problem. In this case, the person may not have a sufficient level of health for gingival surgery and this issue can be a determining factor in choosing a treatment for gingival surgery. What is periodontal surgery? Periodontal surgery is sometimes used to treat certain gum diseases and certain conditions, such as gingivitis or gingivitis. This type of surgery is usually called gingival surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to treat gingival disease and its injuries by performing the following procedures: Re-growth of damaged tissues and bones Prevent tooth loss Reduce the distance between the gums and teeth Deformation of the jawbone to reduce the possibility of bacterial growth in the cleft palate Reduce bacteria and infections in the mouth

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