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Whole House Water Filtration

Dubai, al qusais, United Arab Emirates       March 5, 2019
Whole house systems, also known as the triple big blue filters, are connected to the main supply where water enters the premises and provide filtered water all around the house. They consist of two polypropylene sediment filters (1micron & 5micron) and one carbon block filter. Whole house systems are used to filter sand, silt, mud, rust, chlorine and improve water taste. These big blue filters will improve the general quality of your water to give your family healthy and dependable drinking water. They are also high flow filters, with a flow rate of up to +-5000 litres per hour, while using an incoming pressure of as low as 1.5 bars
3 x 20 inch Big Blue Housings are frame mounted
All systems come with sediment, carbon block
High quality high flow filters
Flow rate: +/- 5000 liters per hour
1,5 bars incoming pressure
2 x 5 micron PP / Sediment 20” BB Filters and 1 x 20” BB carbon Block
Filter Lifespan 3-6 months depends on usage and water quality.
Contact #. +971 56 561 6517

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