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What are the features of Dart language?

       September 19, 2022
Dart is an open source language: it means that anyone can see these codes and will be able to check them by viewing the codes. Dart is a cross-platform language: that is, a source code is written once and can be used on several platforms. In general, the term cross-platform is used in different ways in many parts of the IT industry. Other terms such as multiplatform are also used for cross platform. The Dart language is very similar to Java and C#: this similarity is another factor that native Android and Windows developers can adapt to this language very quickly. Flutter has the ability to get multiple outputs with one code on Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android and iOS platforms, but it requires learning Dart language to get started. Dart is not only used for mobile app development, but is a programming language approved as a standard by Ecma (ECMA-408) for building almost anything on the web, servers, desktop, and of course applications. Mobile phone is used. With the Dart language, you can experience high speed in the development of web software. Darts is a young and up-to-date language that is increasingly popular. Dart programming language is very similar to Java and C++ in terms of syntax. Using this general purpose language, both server-side and client-side programs can be written. Dart language compiler is available in Dart SDK or Dart virtual machine. In this SDK there is also a tool called -dart2js that generates the JavaScript equivalent of your code. The prerequisite for learning darts is to master object orientation, which we have explained in the relevant tutorial. Using Dart and with the help of Flutter, you can write mobile applications for all operating systems, especially Android and iOS. And…

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