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Physicists succeeded in producing a new type of matter with two time dimensions

       July 28, 2022
solid, liquid, gas and plasma; These are the four states of matter that most of us know and have been introduced to during elementary school or university. But what is your opinion about a new type (phase) of matter that is different from the previous four types even in topics such as time dimensions? Recently, physicists have succeeded in creating this type, which is truly unique but with a different application. According to the results of a new research published in the prestigious journal Nature, a group of physicists working in American universities and institutions have succeeded in creating a new phase of matter that is different from many of our previous ideas about the types of materials and their time dimensions. Is. For the initial explanation of this research, it may be better to refer to the description given by the Scientific American magazine. The magazine says that the latest research is a "gateway to an extra dimension of time" that scientists had only imagined before. In fact, it seems that the new researchers have sought to find a way to create a new topological phase of quantum matter, which is essentially a new form of quantum matter. This phase is defined by the dynamic movements of its components and has nothing to do with the static order of molecules. Previously, some techniques were presented to make materials with different characteristics from the basic states, the difference of the new method is that infinitely high temperatures were not used to reach different states. In this context, Philip Dumitrescu, one of the authors of this article and a researcher at the Flatiron Institute, which is a quantum physics computing center in America, says in an interview: It is very exciting to see this unusual phase of matter realized in a real experiment. Especially because the mathematical description based on an "extra time" dimension, which is a theoretical approach, is now in practice. source:

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