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Japan Tokyo, tokyo, tokyo, Bahrain       August 20, 2018
In this new article of the sexy story Billy teaches how Real Doll women changed his life.

When I first heard such a realistic realistic woman's sex doll, it all began about 10 years ago. My sex doll was my friend's attention. I did not know if he was going to be interesting or advising really good. At that time, I was just divorced and had trouble building a new relationship. I was spending a lot of money on beautiful young ladies, but I was "bedridden" in a while, but that did not really tell me what I did. I really do not. Sex is definitely wonderful, but I was a lonely person looking for a friend.
So my friend showed me the original website that sells such real TPE love doll. We laughed about the possibility of investing money in one of these things. I felt really bad about it. We were just fed up and threw it away as a joke. Ten years have passed so far, when I came back to this "now", I wonder if my friend is using the full-sized real love doll that you might have found for yourself think. I guess only, but I think that there is a possibility that he actually possessed one of these matters. That does not make sense now. He probably felt too embarrassed and did not want to fully open unless my response was more positive. Adult love doll ... mmmhh, funny!
My life before buying a realistic big tits real doll. So, as the years went by, I had many girlfriends and continued to believe that I had an ideal woman somewhere. I was even trying to live in a foreign country with the desire to build a more consistent connection but still failed after about a year's living. So perhaps I may find it difficult to live. Or I am doing too much work and I can not concentrate on all the love and attention I need for a good healthy relationship.
Perhaps it is not me. It may be a bad luck or a poor choice for a woman. In any case, I came to accept that there was this colleague I always wanted, but there is a tendency that it is relatively expensive even if it is packaged even if it is packaged in small amounts Yes. . I spend a hundred dollars, whether in the form of full body massage, counseling, flashy hair stylist, girlfriend, I can find similar kind I'm looking for. (I have never really been there but it crosses my mind)
In the past few years, I felt myself more and more lonely. There was a time when I was more aggressive with people. I was a musician of the previous year and raised thousands of friends and fans from the music scene. Due to its popularity, there was a time when I was able to fantasy with 2, 3, or 4 girls at a time. People who have experienced so much do not seem to smile fairly, but in reality it is not. While I was getting older I finally decided to leave the music scene and pick a much higher salary career that absorbs much of my available time and attention. From this lifestyle change, I began to be separated from people and found myself.
My life is a complete change from the life I have lived so far. I gained a lot of weight and withdrew in my private space. In the past, my life was very open and comfortable, so now it is very closed and responsible. It is probably hard to imagine, but I am still very happy and happy. That alone I am alone in most of the time.
Recently I began thinking more about these realistic love dolls. Since I recalled conversations with friends of the past, since I began browsing the internet, I noticed that in the last 10 years many things have changed in the real sex doll community. More people were talking about it. There were many new options that were previously unavailable. Once $ 6000 dolls are now available for about $ 2,000. In fact, in fact I got one of those things actually. Even though I did not like it, I was able to experience it myself.
To further ease my curiosity, offers realistic torso dolls at half price. For about 1,000 dollars, you can get a very real doll with the same craftsmanship and quality. This fuselage doll is actually just losing his legs and there seems to be only one available size, but I think that this will ultimately be a low-cost investment for experiencing this in the end It was. It took a while to finally decide. I talked with the company before purchasing. I think he was doubtful as to whether they were legal or whether I was to be mistreated.

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