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How does a car spark plug work?

       December 6, 2021
How does a car spark plug work? If we want to look at this issue technically, in any car that has a combustion engine, the spark plug is a tool that is responsible for managing the spark and ignition of the car. Each type of spark plug is installed in the engine of the car to transmit alternating electric sparks into the cylinders, at the end of the cylinder and on the cylinder head. In car engines, it is the spark plug that ignites the gasoline-air mixture by igniting it in the combustion chamber, causing the piston to move downward to repeat this cycle continuously. The car engine does not work properly when the spark plug does not work properly and can not ignite on time. In fact, the piston moves incompletely, and as a result, the efficiency of the engine is significantly reduced and fuel consumption is increased. What are the benefits of a car spark plug? It has the task of igniting and somehow turning on the car. Without proper operation of the spark plugs, cars will not be able to move. Car spark plugs are an important part of fuel car engines. And…

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