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Why is android education important in today's world?

       November 17, 2021
Android training and programming is one of the modern ways of earning money for people who like to make money with programming. Android is the most popular open source operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android has more than 87% of the global mobile market share. The operating system is based on the Linux kernel currently built by Google. Google I / O 2014 revealed that more than one billion people a month actively use Android. Since January 2015, Statista has shown that Google Play is the largest mobile app store with over 1.6 million apps and billions of apps downloaded each year. You can earn a lot of money as an Android developer. With training in application writing, you can have many job opportunities. You can choose from a wide range of Android development market and there are no restrictions for you. Android has the ability to be flexible and portable operating systems. There are extensive sources of information on the Internet and Android forums and various places where you can expand your knowledge and experience for a complete Android education. For Android mobile programming, there is a slow and gradual learning curve and you do not have to go through a hundred years overnight! Comprehensive Android programming training is completed by learning section by section and a lot of practice. This data simply shows that you are on the right track to learn how to write an application because Google's progress will continue to grow for at least the next few years. So as you read this, do not waste time and start learning Android programming, through which you can easily earn a lot of money and use it to earn money.

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