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pdlc film manufacturer,smart glass film,switchable glass film,privacy glass film EBGLASS

Dongying, Dongying, CHINA, Kuwait       September 22, 2016
  • pdlc film manufacturer,smart glass film,switchable glass film,privacy glass film EBGLASS
  • pdlc film manufacturer,smart glass film,switchable glass film,privacy glass film EBGLASS
  • pdlc film manufacturer,smart glass film,switchable glass film,privacy glass film EBGLASS
EB GLASS BRAND China Smart Glass/China smart film/China smart pdlc film/ China pdlc smart film/ China pdlc glass/China smart tint/electric window film/China switchable privacy film/switchable privacy glass/China pdlc fim/electronic window film


EB SMART GLASS is an innovative laminated glass that at the touch of a switch, changes its state from transparent to opaque granting instant privacy.
It is composed of polymer dispersed liquid crystal film (PDLC). By applying a small electrical current, user can change state from opaque to transparent.
EB GLASS provide integrated systems of electronically controllable smart glass that control light and privacy of windows, skylights, doors, partitions, as well as multi-purpose projection screens. Beginning with system design and planning through fabrication and installation, the company is involved at every phase of integration to ensure that customers’ expectations are met or exceeded.
EB GLASS also provides you with the possibility to adapt our product as a high resolution LCD screen which permits you to place your projector and relevant equipment behind the screen (retro projection).
For the EBSG, we offer:
Custom manufactured to your project specification.
Complete electrical control system of smart glass for house and automobile application. ON/OFF/Dimming
Multi- colors with EBSG for customers’ choice.
Products consultant.


Remote Control
Installation Guide/Video
Switchable Glass demo kits are available that come complete with control switch.


-220/240VAC-50Hz or 110/120VAC/50Hz plug and play.

-Electrical fittings:On/off Transformer/Dimming Transformer/Automotive inverter

-Control mode-Switch/remote control

-Power of Transformer:50w, 100w, 200w, other customized.

-Energy consumption of less than 5 Watts/Square meter

-Smart film operates by applying electric current through a specifically programmed transformer.

Depending on the surface area, many panels can be controlled at the same time.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Magic Film/PDLC Film
Magic Glass
0.32mm-magic film
0.38mm-magic self-adhesive film
Operation Mode
Power On: Transparent / Power off: Opaque
1.2m*30m per a whole roll 1.2*3m per a single sheet
Width: 0-1.8m length: within 3m.
White clear, blue, pink,
yellow, red,black, bronze
Control mode
Switch control, remote control, wifi internet control, cell phone control
long distance control.
UV Block
More than 99%
Operating Temperature
-20℃ ~ 60℃ (-4℉ ~ 140℉)
Storage temperature
-40℃~ 60℃
Parallel Light Transmittance
78 ± 2% (On) / 9 ± 1% (Off)
Sunlight Transmittance
80 ± 2% (On) / 60 ± 3% (Off)
5 ± 1% (On) / 92 ± 2% (Off)
Visible angle
Operating Voltage
30V/48V /60v AC
Collector supply voltage
Frequency Range
50 ~ 60Hz
Power Consumption
About 5-7W per sq meter
Switching Speed
Less than 1 second
Off → On : 100 milliseconds
On → Off : 100 milliseconds
Working life (turn on)
>10 years.
Switch times
There could be a little difference in essence according to a kind of film and installing circumstance.

Featured Projects
Corporate boardrooms / meeting rooms
Residential windows
Dividing partitions
Conservatories / sun rooms
Vision panels
Luxury vehicle privacy
Retail / museum display cases


Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-13665461054
Email: ebinternational(a)126 dot com

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