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       January 9, 2022
IRIDIUM RACING candles In general, the electrodes that enter the combustion chamber have better flammability and better performance. However, due to more exposure to combustion gases at high temperatures and elongation of the ground electrode, heat resistance and durability are reduced. The higher the setting level, the less need to use the type. The age of iridium electrodes. Experience more acceleration with Denso 0.4 mm racing candles. This type of denso car spark plug has a terminal nut compatible with Nology Hot Wire and compatible with all types of electrical wires. Iredium Denso racing candle has a high resistance that blocks the noise that may affect electronic devices. Nickel plating on the housing of this type of denso car spark plug has made this spark plug have a high level of corrosion resistance. Power is improved by up to 20% with the use of a new reinforced insulation created during multiple and repeated tests during racing tests. In this model of denso car spark plug there is a small cleaner around the spark plug tip between the central electrode and the insulation. When there is scale or carbon scale, this cleaner drains and burns the carbon part and restores electrical resistance. This technology is patented by DENSO (Japan Patent No. 2727558). The method used to connect the iridium tip is a very reliable "360 degree laser welding" process that can withstand a variety of driving conditions. eshop:

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