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What is a car spark plug and what are its functions?

       November 17, 2021
One of the main parts of any car engine is its spark plugs, which are responsible for igniting and lighting the car. Car spark plugs are an important part of fuel car engines, and without proper operation of spark plugs, cars will not be able to move. In this article, we are going to provide information about car spark plugs and examine this vital part in car engines. What is a car spark plug? The car spark plug is a piece consisting of electrodes, porcelain insulation, gaskets, etc., which is located on top of the combustion chamber and cylinder of the car and on the one hand captures the high voltage current of electricity and on the other hand causes a steam explosion by igniting in the combustion chamber. Compressed gasoline and thus creates the necessary force to move the car. In fact, car spark plugs have the task of exploding in the combustion chamber and moving the cylinders down. By injecting fuel into the cylinder by the injector and then compressing it with the valve, the spark plug ignites and causes an explosion in the combustion chamber. What is a car spark plug and what are its functions? If the spark plug fails to ignite at the right time or does not ignite at all, the compressed gasoline in the combustion chamber will not explode properly and the cylinders will not move. Therefore, the function of this part in the car engine is very important and we must take the necessary measures to maintain it. Types of car spark plugs Car spark plugs are not all designed in the same way and have different types, each of which is made for a type of car engine. The category of car spark plugs is as follows: Cold spark plugs, which are designed to operate on high temperature engines and have short bases so that they can quickly reduce the heat generated by ignition. Hot candles: which are designed for operation in low temperature engines and have longer bases to lose their heat later and as a result can burn the remaining deposits from combustion on the candle itself. Nickel candle: whose electrodes are made of nickel alloy and have a short life. Platinum candle: whose electrodes are made of platinum alloy and have a very long life. Such candles are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2500 degrees Celsius and are able to have a useful operation of up to 100,000 kilometers. Iridium spark plugs: This type of car spark plug also has a positive electrode made of iridium and has a longer lifespan than platinum spark plugs. Multi-electrode spark plugs: This type of car spark plug has several negative electrodes, which leads to a much longer lifespan. Because each ignition causes the negative pole to corrode, each electrode, after being corroded, replaces the electrode closer to the positive pole, resulting in a longer life for the car spark plug.

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