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Adjustable focus lens 650nm red laser diode module

United Arab Emirates       April 12, 2023

In various industrial precise dot measuring work fields, different from a simple red laser pointer only used for temporary dot positioning, it makes even better job with a 650nm red laser diode module. It keeps work intense red laser beam emission from a 650nm red laser diode. The adoption of a metal heat sink and APC, ACC driving circuit board are configured with different dimension metal housing tube. It enables easy installation, good thermal emitting and highly reliable red dot projection.
This red dot laser applies qualified glass coated lens and glass window. It passes through up to 24 hours aging preventing test and beam stability test. It is keeping work with highly clear and no decay light red dot projection, without effect by moisture or dust. Within constant work time of 8 to 10 hours per day, after its proper adjustment of laser beam focus and correct use of output power, it brings users no mistake measurement for industrial precise dot measuring work and high tech etc.

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