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Long Lasting Work with Berlinlasers 808nm 100mW to 400mW Infrared Dot Laser Alignments

United Arab Emirates       July 12, 2022
If users are trying to make highly clear dot measurement under all night version fields, it is making good job with a long wavelength device of Berlinlasers 808nm infrared dot laser alignment. It is operating easy and conveniently as an accessory part. After proper use of night version device and gets constant power source from a 5V, 9V 1000mA AC/DC adapter, it is working with constant infrared laser beam and infrared reference dot projection at various work distances. This 808nm infrared dot laser alignment is operating as an accessory part. Available with different size tube diameter of 16mm and 26mm, within freely installed distance of 3 meters, it makes the most convenient installation and easiest IR dot emission onto any raw material surface. When infrared laser module makes freely adjusted dot diameter and dot emitting direction, not effecting by manual labor force input, it rings users high accuracy and high speed infrared dot emission for all night version application fields. Technical data: Item: Berlinlasers 808nm 100mW to 400mW infrared dot laser alignments Laser class: IIIb Optic lens: glass coated lens Adjustable focus: yes Applications: infrared laser sight, military targeting, laser medical therapy, lab experiment and high tech etc

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