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Quick Pointed 515nm Green Cross Laser Alignment

United Arab Emirates       February 9, 2021
In order to make the clearest cross line alignment onto various work distances, it is always an easy and convenient work to try 515nm green cross laser alignment. It emits forest green laser beam directly from 515nm green laser diode. When it is trying to make industrial stabilized cross line projection, it just makes good use of metal heat sink cooling system and APC driving circuit board inside metal housing tube. This cross line laser module keeps work with good laser beam stability and highly clear green cross line source projection in continuous use.
This 515nm green cross laser alignment selects qualified glass coated lens with different fan angles, which is projecting different dimension cross line source in use. It performs perfectly with highly fine and high linear quality cross line alignment. Only if it gets correct use of glass coated lens degree and proper adjustment of laser beam focus, it makes sure of high level of accuracy and high speed cross line generation in all application fields perfectly.

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