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TEYU Industrial Chiller CW-6200ANRTY for Laboratory Equipment

       January 6, 2024

Seeking a compact industrial chiller? Introducing our latest innovation, chiller CW-6200ANRTY, meticulously crafted to optimize space without compromising on refrigeration performance.


With a temperature control precision of ±0.5℃ and a cooling capacity of 5.04kW, chiller CW-6200ANRTY ensures optimal performance with its intelligent T-803A controller. What truly distinguishes it is the sleek, compact cabinet design standing at a mere 65cm(26in) in height. The chiller's small footprint allows it to fit seamlessly into your workspace.


Distinguishing itself from standard models, chiller CW-6200ANRTY comes equipped with an 800W heater in the water tank for swifter temperature rising, plus a built-in filter for consistent recirculating water purity as standard features. Other core components like the premium compressor, efficient microchannel condenser, evaporator, and 200W water pump are integrated perfectly for efficient cooling. With multiple protection switches (high voltage, water level and liquid level switch) and alarm warning functions, the chiller remains safeguarded.


Another noteworthy detail is the additional front air inlet, with the grille pattern cut design, which can optimize airflow for efficient heat dissipation. The embedded heat-dissipating fan on the back operates quietly, minimizing vibrations while saving space. What’s more, its Modbus-485 compatibility ensures seamless real-time monitoring of the chiller and remote control.


Featuring a compact cabinet design, high-performance refrigeration, and easy maintenance, water chiller CW-6200ANRTY is excellently suited for a wide range of industries. CW-6200ANRTY is the 50Hz version, and to cater to a diverse range of needs, we also offer the 60Hz chiller model: CW-6200BNRTY.


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