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TEYU Rack Mount Chiller RMFL-1500

       December 29, 2023

Water Chiller RMFL-1500 is designed to fit within a standard rack, typically with a 19-inch form factor. This compact design allows for easy integration into existing rack systems, saving floor space and promoting efficient equipment organization. Dual cooling circuits are efficient to cool the laser source and the optics/laser gun simultaneously.


In this new version, thoughtful design has been translated into every detail: the valve-type drain port has been replaced by the pipe-type water drain, which is leakproof. Thanks to the transparent pipe design, it facilitates users to check the height of the water level. If the water quality deteriorates, it can also be seen in the pipeline to facilitate the timely replacement of circulating water, thus protecting the efficient operation of the chiller and your laser equipment. Plus its water inlet and outlet ports are installed with Φ6+Φ12 quick connectors which are convenient to directly connect to pipes with corresponding sizes. If you are looking for an energy-efficient rack mount chiller with reliable cooling, low noise fan, and intelligent alarm protection, then look no further than RMFL-1500!


Main Features:

  • 19in rack mountable
  • Dual cooling circuits, active cooling
  • Temperature stability: ±5°C
  • Temperature control range: 5°C ~35°C
  • Refrigerant: R-410a
  • Intelligent digital control panel
  • 50Hz or 60Hz optional
  • Pump power 0.13kW, Max. pump pressure 40M
  • Tank capacity 16L; Rated flow: 2L/min+>10L/min
  • Machine dimension: 75 X48 X 43cm(L x W x H)
  • In compliance with ISO9001, CE, RoHS, REACH approval


See how cooler RMFL-1500 can benefit your 1.5kW handheld fiber laser welding/cutting/engraving/cleaning machine at


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