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TEYU Water Cooled Chiller CW-5200TISW 0.1℃ Precision

       December 29, 2023

In 2023, Teyu shows unwavering momentum, with new chiller models being developed one after another. Amidst this wave of innovation, let's shine the spotlight on CW-5200TISW, a new  member of the water-cooled chiller collection.

Distinguished from conventional air-cooled counterparts, chiller CW-5200TISW doesn't require fans for cooling. Imagine the quietness it brings, eliminating operational noise while reducing heat emission into your workspace. It's not just a leap toward a greener footprint; it's also a stride toward energy efficiency. By using external circulating water in cooperation with its internal cooling system, this chiller is tailor-made for enclosed environments like dust-free workshops and laboratories.

Compared to the standard CW-5200 model, water chiller CW-5200TISW has higher temperature control precision of up to ±0.1°C. It can promptly sense temperature changes and make adjustments, meeting the needs of demanding applications. Powering through with a dual-frequency 220V 50/60Hz supply, it offers cooling capacity of up to 1900W.

But that's not all–water chiller CW-5200TISW is equipped with a dual temperature control mode: constant and intelligent temp control. An array of fault display functions and Modbus-485 communication are supported. The machine's dimensions are only 58x29x47cm (LxWxH), making it compact and space-saving, fitting seamlessly into your setup.

Compact & cute structure, low noise, and long lifespan are its hallmarks. With reliable cooling performance, water-cooled chiller CW-5200TISW is your trusty companion in industrial temperature control. Just feel free to know more about CW-5200TISW at

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