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The Most Precise Separate Crystal Lens Berlinlasers 520nm Green Line Laser Modules

United Arab Emirates       February 28, 2022
In order to make precise and fine enough line alignment, without any serious relying on manual line drawing or printing work, it makes an efficient job with a high brightness beam 520nm green line laser module. It projects forest green laser beam directly from 520nm green laser diode. In various industrial precise line aligning work fields, owing to special use of import 520nm green laser diode and metal heat sink cooling system, this direct diode emission made laser line generator always gets at least 40% improvement of laser beam stability, and highly clear green line alignment within constant work time of 8 to 10 hours per day. This 520nm green line laser module is applying for various working environments. After the use of separate crystal lens within 10 to 93 degree, it gets the best uniformity and the finest green line projection. It is emitting non Gaussian distribution green laser beam and high brightness forest green line projection from middle part towards both ends. It should be selecting with correct optic lens degree and making proper adjustment of laser line fineness. With no manual labor force input, this laser line generator makes no mistake use in all application fields perfectly. Technical data: Item: Berlinlasers 520nm green line laser modules Output power: 5mW to 50mW Laser class: IIIa, iiiB Optic lens: 10-93 degree separate crystal lens Line lengths: 0.5 meter to 6 meters Line fineness: 0.3mm@10cm, 1mm to 2mm @2 meters Applications: stone, wood, metal, garment processing, sand milling, lumber machine and high tech

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