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What is the best job for DC power 445nm blue line laser alignment?

United Arab Emirates       November 22, 2023

Until the time users are trying to make highly precise line projection at long distance, it is making a good job with a highly intense beam emitting tool of a 445nm blue line laser alignment. Employed by an import 445nm blue laser diode and cooling system inside a high duration and ultra compact metal housing tube, it enables easy carrying and quick reaching of blue line projection. It enables long lasting and high stability blue line projection within 10 hours, and no light decay or dim in proper use. 
Being made with a qualified glass coated lens and separate crystal lens within 10 to 110 degree, this blue alignment laser also passes through up to 24 hours beam stability test. It enables high linear quality and highly fine blue line projection within 0.5 meter to 6 meters. Under operation with proper installation and adjustment of both laser line fineness and line emitting direction, it gets increasing accuracy and brightness line generation at great distance effectively.
Applications: industrial machinery processing, laser cutting, saw mill, lumber machine, laser show, laser displaying and high-tech

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