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Wide range output power Berlinlasers 808nm infrared laser diode module

United Arab Emirates       January 22, 2024

In process of high precision dot measurement for all night version fields, it makes a good job to operate a long wavelength made device of Berlinlasers 808nm infrared laser diode module. It applies an import 808nm infrared laser diode within 5mW to 400mW as beam emitting source, cooperating with a metal heat sink cooling system inside durable metal housing tube, it obtains good thermal stabilization and highly reliable infrared reference dot projection in long lasting use. 
Owing to its invisible infrared laser beam emission from a long wavelength 808nm infrared laser diode, this laser diode module only allows proper use with other night version machine or device. It should be selected with correct output power and making proper adjustment of laser beam focus. After its projection of high photoelectric ability infrared laser light source emission, it also enables efficient conversion of ultra clear and precise infrared dot projection as long as 100 to 1000 meters. When users are taking basic laser safety measure and avoiding eye exposure to beam aperture, it makes easy and secured infrared dot alignment in all night version fields effectively.
Applications: infrared laser sight, surveillance, intelligence system, laser medical therapy, infrared laser communication etc

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