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Key Maintenance Tips to maximize the performance of your air compressor

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates       January 13, 2021
  • Key Maintenance Tips to maximize the performance of your air compressor
  • Key Maintenance Tips to maximize the performance of your air compressor
Around 70% of manufacturer’s worldwide used compressed air, making it one of the most widely used forms of energy worldwide, throughout many industries. Compressed air can make for one of the most expensive forms of energy for manufacturing plants, as they often use more energy than other equipment. One horsepower of compressed air requires eight horsepower of electricity. Therefore, it is very important that you maintain your air compressor for higher performance efficiency and lower costs. Below are some simple tips that you can take to reduce energy consumption and optimize performance. Choose the right inlet location and air filter: air intake should be strategically placed at the inlet. The cooler the incoming air, the less power required to produce line pressure, leading to lower costs. Using an air filter with the right capacity for the intake and compressor can increase the time between filter changes and reduce load, which is an extra cost saving. Clean your compressor: you need to have a clean filtration system, if you want a clean compressor. The pressure can drop if the filters are dirty, and make the air compressor consume extra energy to perform basic functions. Inspect for leaks: Air leaks tend to waste around 20-30% of the energy generated by the air compressed system. This weakens the performance of the tools and reduces the efficiency of the system, resulting in higher operating and maintenance costs. Avoid over pressurization: The air compressor load needs to be optimized. Installing pressure regulators to your air compressor system will decrease the machine wear-and-tear and save up to 15% of the energy generated. Conserve heat energy: Over 50% of compressed air systems allow efficient usage and ensure low-cost energy conservation. A good way to achieve efficient use of energy is to conserve heat. With the released during the air compression could be used for various industrial processes. Having a proper energy system in place, will allow you to conserve a lot of energy. The selection of air compressors should be done carefully. There are a lot of stationary compressor suppliers in UAE, although, you should always select one that meet your demands and is also energy efficient. LMF-GP Air Compressor and Spare Parts Trading LLC offers a wide range of air compressors fit for various residential and commercial purposes. They are a leading brand offering premium quality products.

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