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TEYU CWFL-4000 Industrial Laser Chiller for 4000W Fiber Laser Cutter Engraver Marker

       January 6, 2024

Are you worried about the overheating of your fiber laser cutting machine affecting its normal operation?

To address this issue, you can consider taking measures such as regularly cleaning the laser equipment to ensure efficient heat dissipation and choosing a high-performance cooling system. TEYU CWFL-4000 fiber laser chiller is a great choice. It effectively cools 4kW a laser cutter, laser engraver, or laser marker, ensuring it operates within the appropriate temperature range, thereby extending the equipment's lifespan.


CWFL-4000 Product Highlights:

  1. Dual cooling circuits for the laser and the optics
  2. Temperature control range: 5°C ~35°C
  3. Fully hermetic compressor with built-in motor protection
  4. Thermal insulation for water tubing, pump, and the evaporator
  5. Plate heat exchanger and heater for double-effect heating
  6. RS-485 remote control communication
  7. Multiple alarm warning protections
  8. In compliance with ISO9001, CE, RoHS, REACH


Discover how TEYU laser chiller CWFL-4000 can optimize your equipment's performance at


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